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Where to Buy Refurbished Lenovo Laptops

Refurbished Lenovo laptops Thinkpad T530

Far too many consumers shrink back when they hear the word “refurbished.” Computers that aren’t sold brand new in retail packaging have developed a stigma that might make you irrationally afraid to trust them. In reality, however, stocking your office with refurbished Lenovo laptops can be an excellent way for you to save money on high-quality machines. Furthermore, you’ll find there are several different levels of refurbished computers–and many of them are truly as good as new. The most important part of the shopping process when considering refurbished laptops is choosing a supplier you can trust, which is where IT Xchange shines.

For businesses, there can be several instances when buying refurbished computers is the better choice for your overall network. If all the machines at your company are identical, but the manufacturer has discontinued the line, then you might not know what to do when it comes time to buy replacement laptops. A good portion of our B2B refurbished computer transactions revolve around discontinued or constrained products that you can purchase to keep your business’s hardware uniform. So if your office has a supply of ThinkPad X220 laptops, and you don’t know what to do now that the product has been discontinued, we’ve got you covered.

Another reason why refurbished Lenovo laptops might be the best choice for your company has to do with product lifecycles. Manufacturers typically operate on 6-9 month timetables before replacing their computers with new models. This relatively short window certainly isn’t enough time for computers to become outdated, however, and you’ll likely find that discontinued products are plenty capable of getting the job done at your office. For example, the ThinkPad T420 has been discontinued by Lenovo, but its specs still make it an excellent enterprise grade laptop for all industries. By buying refurbished, you can save a bundle off the original list price while still getting a laptop that will serve your business for years to come.

All refurbished products are not created equal, and it’s important to understand the distinctions between them. Some computers might be available at a discount simply because they are being sold in bulk packaging instead of the traditional retail box. Others may have been used for demos on the floor at and expo or store, but are otherwise brand new. Even those computers that have had one or more internal parts replaced are unlikely to ever have issues again once the problem components have been fixed. Another type of refurbished laptop that can often save you a bundle simply has some cosmetic damage. These machines may not look pristine, but they work just fine.

>As a quality supplier of refurbished technology, our system at IT Xchange is designed with our customers’ best interest in mind. Whenever possible, the products we sell come with the original manufacturer warranties still in effect, so you may be able to buy a new or lightly used ThinkPad X1 Carbon from our supply and still get anywhere from 1-3 years of protection from Lenovo. Other products that are truly refurbished come with our own 90-day general warranty and 5-day DOA warranty, so you’ll be protected if the computer has any unforeseen problems. Even if the refurbished ThinkPad T510 (pictured to the right) you’re considering had to have its hard drive replaced before you bought it, therefore, you’ll still have 90 days to make sure everything is in working order once the laptop arrives.

There’s no need to be scared of refurbished computers–in fact, many IT managers seek them out.