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Why Buy Refurbished Storage Solutions?

When it comes to storage solutions, consumers often shy away from purchasing refurbished technology. Many feel as though they may be buying potentially faulty equipment, or simply someone else’s leftovers. While many tech mavens like having the newest and the best, from flash storage to cloud storage, some consumers simply don’t have the resources to keep up with ever-evolving technology.

Fortunately, buying refurbished technology is a solution that fits a practical budget and pleases an eye for quality. Whether necessity or practicality has driven you to consider the refurbished route, you’ll end up a happy customer. Here are a few reasons to buy refurbished storage solutions.

What “Refurbished” Can Mean

Buying refurbished storage solutions can feel like a great risk. Why take the chance of getting faulty equipment when you can pay a little extra and get the newest, best tech? Some of a consumer’s misgivings come from a misunderstanding of the term “refurbished.” Refurbished storage wasn’t necessarily faulty at one point; there are several other reasons for this label.

Refurbished storage could mean a display model in a store, which is technically not new, but still in its original packaging. According to Tek Boost, the refurbished storage also could have been surplus from an IT store that sold extra inventory to a 3rd party refurbisher. If you purchase storage solutions from a computer retailer like HP, Dell, or Lenovo, they often have merchandise marked “refurbished” that was simply a canceled order or an unopened return.


Even though “refurbished” can mean a lot of things, there are of course items that were initially faulty or broken. This turns off many consumers, but in reality any refurbished storage solution from a trusted provider will perform. The key to buying quality refurbished products is in finding a trusted distributor who can guarantee their work and that has the capability to fix a broken storage system in the first place. Many trusted businesses will offer up-to-date technical centers with on-site auditing, repair and testing, as well as hardware repairs.

Tek Boost has some purchasing advice that will ensure you buy the best value:

  • Be sure your distributor offers a warranty with your purchase. Good distributors even offer an extended warranty for a price.
  • Purchase your storage solutions from a known retailer with good reviews. See their previous reviews online for guidance. Look for authentic certifications like “Microsoft Registered” or “Authorized Refurbisher.”
  • Know your storage needs. Some older solutions run older software; if you need to do more than use email, search the web, and use word processing and multimedia, make sure your older storage solutions can handle it.

Cost Efficiency

The best reason to buy refurbished storage solutions is to save money. Since retailers cannot sell refurbished products for the same price as new, you probably will get the same product at a lower cost. Retailers like Penn Computer Corporations boasts savings “of 25% to 90% off the manufacturers list prices depending on the age (and supply and demand) of the equipment.” If you’re ordering storage solutions for an entire business, many retailers even offer discounts to bulk orders. No matter where you shop, you’ll be saving money with refurbished equipment.