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Why Buy Refurbished ThinkPads?

You are in charge of purchasing new laptop computers for your business, and you’re interested in purchasing ThinkPads. One thing you might consider is not buying ThinkPad computers that are “new”, but instead purchasing computers that are “new to you”.  For many people and businesses, purchasing refurbished laptops is the way to go, as they can save quite a lot of money, and they can often find machines with warranties that may not be as good as the same machine when new, but often are still really good and reliable.


One question you may be asking is, what is the difference between used and refurbished?  A refurbished computer has been sanitized, and it has been graded based on both its looks and its functionality.  Not every previous used computer makes the “cut” to become a refurbished model. Each computer (at least the ones that make the cut), is taken apart so technicians can look for damaged components, or missing parts, as well as examine the battery function, the quality of the screen, loose connections, whether there is a hard drive and optical drive, and the power supply. A lot of work goes into making certain a computer is worthy of being refurbished.

Other things a refurbished computer will have evaluated include RAM, capacitors, hard disks, graphic cards, and other things.  If missing or damaged, these items will be repaired or replaced, and the computer will be wiped.  A new operating system will be installed, and cosmetic problems will be fixed.  Then, the consumer will have a chance to purchase a machine that most of them will find to be just as reliable and good as a new machine, depending, of course, on what they want to use it for.  Most businesses find a trustworthy refurbished model to get the job done reliably.

When a ThinkPad is purchased form IT Xchange, you also have an opportunity to have worldwide availability of new or refurbished computers, an 18-month extended option and upgrade availability for those interested, and tech support and troubleshooting assistance.  Just like when you purchase a new computer, you’re not left on your own. The machines also come with a minimum 90 day warranty period, and quick turnaround for getting orders sent to you.

When you purchase a refurbished computer for your business, you there are important things you should check for.  Always ensure there is a good warranty.  Remember, just because a machine has been checked from top-to-bottom before it was sent to you, parts may fail, or other mishaps may occur.  It is also worth noting that buying refurbished can make even more sense than purchasing a new computer for your company’s bottom line. You need to investigate computers and find the right computer for your business, and often that will be a refurbished computer.


People who may be on the fence about whether they want to purchase a refurbished laptop probably need to consider whether they are better off with a $1000 computer or a $500 computer—and what their business could do with an extra $500 for each refurbished machine purchased.  In a survey conducted by Gizmodo, 21% of the respondents said they “needed” a new computer because they have to have the best of everything, and 19% responded that yes, they “needed” a new computer because they wanted the latest operating system. This is an indication that buying new is often a sign of purchasing more computer than is really needed, which really means they are spending more money than is really needed. It seems that often people are willing to waste money getting “too much” technology when those same people would hesitate to waste money on most other things.

It is also important to keep in mind that refurbished computers come with a one year warranty and can often have extended warranties on top of that. For many consumers, this makes the first purchase of a refurbished computer worth the risk, then they realize they have quality technology at an affordable price and they rarely purchase new computers again.

Refurbished laptops often come from larger corporations that sign large deals with computer companies to trade machines more often in exchange for purchasing their computers exclusively. Some might compare these car rental companies buying new cars and trading them back to the company for newer models every year. Usually, everyone is a winner, including the consumer who purchases the used machine.

When it comes time to purchase new technology for your business, don’t forget to look at machines that are “new to you”, not just machines that are still in the original box and come with cellophane. Often, a good refurbished computer can help you get just as much work done, in a reliable way that is more affordable.  That is a win for any business.

Looking for recertified and refurbished ThinkPads? Contact us to see how we can get you the machines you need on your budget.