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XTG Acquires Nirvana IT, Bringing Managed Services to IT Xchange

There are exciting things happening behind the scenes at IT Xchange! Earlier today, our parent company Xchange Technology Group announced the acquisition of Nirvana IT. Nirvana IT is a North Carolina based IT infrastructure solutions and managed service provider with a home base local to our Morrisville headquarters.

Our goal at IT Xchange is to give our customers the best IT solutions to fit the needs of their business, their clients, and their budget. Over the last 20 years, we have worked hands on with our customers to help lower total cost of ownership and extend the lifecycle of existing systems. With computer hardware evolving so rapidly, many IT users may discover that the latest and greatest technology is more expensive than what they really need. Part of what IT Xchange does for our customers is to help you buy at the optimum point in the technology lifecycle – give you the hardware to get the job done without the expense of a brand new machine (or the shoddy performance of an obsolete model). Historically, this has helped our customers see greater returns on their IT investments.

So, what does this mean for current ITX customers?

With the skills and expertise that Nirvana IT brings to the table, IT Xchange will be able to expand our services even further. Now, we will be able to better serve new and existing customers with targeted infrastructure solutions. This will allow ITX to build more comprehensive solutions to address customer challenges with both on- and off-premise professional services, managed services, as well as colocation and cloud services. Our expanded services will let us help our customers grow their brands and revenue while mitigating risks.

Along with the acquisition of Nirvana IT comes the expertise of its founders, Matt Darlington and Brad Wasson. Matt is a U.S. Army veteran with more than 25 years in IT experience and has held local, national and worldwide technical sales leadership roles at Citrix, IBM and Lenovo. His background specializes in storage, networking and virtualization. Brad has over 25 years of experience in IT including data-center operations and desktop/server computing. His last nine years specifically focused on virtualization in professional and managed services development and deployment throughout North America.

We are excited to offer these expansive services to our customers! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.