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Windows Software & Business Applications

IT Xchange has the software application to run your business or organization more effectively. Our software experts will help you with the following:

  • Selecting the right applications and delivery methods
  • Identifying new opportunities from new technologies
  • Merging products from different providers
  • Ensuring you don’t have multiple products that do the same things

We will help you save money by optimizing the value of all your software assets.

Our software offerings include:

  • Business applications
  • Data protection security
  • Data protection and backup/recovery
  • Mobile device management
  • Server virtualization
  • Creative publishing
  • Software management
  • Cloud solutions
  • Software licensing programs

Business Applications

IT Xchange provides business applications that enable users to increase productivity, measure productivity or perform tasks and functions accurately.

Microsoft Office

Office 365 ProPlus gives you an always up-to-date version of Office that you can access anywhere and manage the way you want. Office 365 Suites include productivity products like SharePoint, Skype for Business and business class email.

Oracle Database 12c

This software makes it easy to set up and manage database clouds. Oracle Multitenant consolidates multiple databases quickly and Automatic Data Optimization with Heat Map compresses and tiers data at a higher density, maximizing efficiency and flexibility.

Google Apps

This is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your employees connect and get work done from anywhere, on any device. It’s easy to set up, use and manage, so you can work smarter. Google Apps includes email with up to 30GB of storage, a calendar to schedule meetings effortlessly, Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Docs, spreadsheets and presentation slides.

TechSmith SnagIt

This software gives you an easy way to provide better feedback and create clear documentation. It will change the way you work together.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC with Adobe Document Cloud will change the way you work with important business documents forever.

Data Protection Security Software

IT Xchange has the top names in data protection security software that restricts access to the data and files on a network. Data protection security software restricts access to the data and files on a network and individual computers. Get endpoint protection, data loss prevention, encryption, antivirus, mobile device security, and more.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

This software goes beyond anti-virus protection to deliver faster, more advanced protection against sophisticated and targeted attacks. Protection layers include firewall, intrusion prevention as well as anti-virus, Insight and SONAR. Insight reputation technology enables quicker scan times and SONAR delivers powerful protection against zero-day attacks by checking file behaviour.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite

This fully integrated, centrally managed Enterprise Security Suite creates a solid security foundation across your network. This cloud-based security suite provides performance and threat protection to help you reduce costs and increase visibility across all the layers of your IT environment.

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection for Business

This very affordable, all-in-one solution gives you top-rated endpoint security for all the devices in your business, including PCs, Macs, Linux systems, servers, virtual systems, smartphones and tablets.

Data Protection Backup/Recovery Software

Data protection backup/recovery software prevents data loss and retrieves all data assets missing after sabotage, corruption or natural disaster. Backup software can also recover data from an earlier time.

Veritas Backup Exec

This software lets you perform physical or vitrual machine backups effortlessly with fast, flexible recovery abilities.

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced

This software provides greater scalability and integration with critical business applications. It delivers high-performance, agentless image-level protection, as well as application-consistent backups for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint on physical servers.

Veeam Backup Essentials

Veeam Essentials is specially designed for infrastructures with a few hosts and delivers powerful and easy-to-use real-time monitoring, documentation and management reporting, capacity planning, backup and replication.

NetApp SnapMirror

NetApp SnapMirror technology lets you get back to business faster by providing fast, efficient data replication and disaster recover for your vital data.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management software will safeguard, monitor, manage and support the mobile devices you use throughout your organization. By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in the network, this software will reduce support costs and business risks.

VMware Enterprise Mobility Management

This software offers the broadest, most respected portfolio for enterprise mobility management and security. The complete platform includes mobile device management, mobile application management, secure email and browsing and secure content and collaboration.

Sophos Mobile Control

You can use Sophos Mobile Control as a software for on-premise installation or as Software as a Service (Saas), hosted by Sophos or another managed service provider.

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Enterprises

This software is a vital part of the Trend Micro complete user protection solution. It gives you full visibility and control of mobile devices, apps and data through a single built-in console.

NetApp Connect

NetApp Connect gives you a secure, closely managed connection between mobile users and business data in clustered Data ONTAP files, without extra infrastructure, setup or data conversion.

Server Virtualization Software

This software allows a server administrator to create various virtual machines on the host machine. That means you can increase the scale of your server infrastructure without buying more hardware and that, in turn, reduces server sprawl.

VMware vSphere with Operations Management

vSphere with Operations Management merges the world’s leading virtualization platform with VMware’s management capabilities. This enables users to gain operational insight into a vSphere while also enhancing capacity.

NetApp FlexArray Virtualization Software

This is the industry’s only unified storage virtualization platform. It let’s you increase the flexibility and ROI of your existing arrays. FAS8000 systems can provide full storage virtualization of EMC, HP, Hitachi, and NetApp E-Series arrays with FlexArray virtualization software.

Creative Publishing Software

This category includes software that’s geared to a business’s or organization’s creative departments. It can be used for promotions, publications and entertainment offerings and includes Computer Aided Design software for 3D effects or for designing buildings or products.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

With this industry-leading creative app and services, collaboration is easier than ever, on any device.

TechSmith Camtasia

Camtasia enables you to make remarkable videos, even if you’ve never made one before.

Software Management

This software is calculated to make an IT professional’s job easier by doing away with the complexity of enterprise software. These programs solve a broad range of IT management difficulties and make it easier to find, buy, deploy and maintain your software.

Altiris Asset Management Suite from Symantec

Altiris Asset Management improves visibility into IT assets at every point in the life span to reduce costs and satisfy compliance initiatives. The software helps to eliminate unnecessary software and hardware costs, proactively administer vendor contracts and coordinate resources to ensure IT investments are optimized and business-aligned.

Microsoft Software Asset Management

Microsoft Software Asset Management incorporates a set of proven processes and procedures for managing and optimizing your organization’s IT assets. Utilizing Software Asset Management protects your software investments and helps you identify what you have, where it’s running, and if your business is using resources well.

NetApp Data ONTAP Operating System

NetApp Data ONTAP software offers cutting-edge performance, availability and effectiveness. It delivers a unified storage platform that enables unrestricted, secure data movement across numerous cloud environments.