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Useful Tips for Selling Cybersecurity: Channel Sales

Keeping customer information safe; that is a top priority for businesses.  When selling cybersecurity products and services to prospective clients, the process starts with an approach that focuses on how very important security is to a business, and a knowledgeable salesperson who cares about the customer’s needs. Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern—one that has offered

Protect Your Customers from Ransomware

A term that many people around the globe were gloriously unaware of two years ago has now become commonly known.  Ransomware – a form of malware that attacks a computer, locks it, and promises to destroy data unless a ransom is paid.  The sort of ransomware like WannaCry, the ransomware that attacked computer networks in

New Channel Focus: Service & Security

The market for channel programs is shifting.  An emphasis in the market today is revising strategies because changes are happening in the technology market as the needs of their customers are changing. It is incumbent for technology companies to make that change too, and shift from providing products to providing more service-based assistance. The old

How MSPs Can Leverage Cybersecurity in 2017

In an age when political parties and businesses are getting hacked every day, some businesses and individuals are reluctant to do web-based business. They fear that they will be the victims of identity theft or similar issues. It is incumbent on businesses to show their customer that their data is safe, otherwise potential customers are

How to Combat SaaS Security Risks

Software as a Service, or SaaS has become one of the most often used tools for many businesses. As with most tools, there are some risks to with the rewards that users should consider before making a commitment to the transition, and before committing to a particular provider. Most of these risks can be reduced by

Cloud Security vs. On-Site Storage

There are many reasons businesses migrate to cloud data storage. The exception to the migration is big business and government entities. There are many advantages to the cloud as data storage. The cloud offers access to data anywhere and anytime. Whether a user is on a desktop, a mobile device, or a laptop, the cloud

The True Impact of Ransomware

Business and personal computers are always at risk for a number of viruses, worms and general malware infections but ransomware can be a major problem. Ransomware is a name that’s true to its purpose. It is a specific type of malware that kidnaps a computer’s browser, locking it until a “ransom” is paid to the data thieves.