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Spending in IT Hardware 2018: A Breakdown

The cloud may have taken over in 2017 — in fact, it was the #1 fastest-growing IT market last year — but this year has been a different story. Hardware companies need not fret, as 2017 (and predicted for 2018) still saw the most profit in IT infrastructure spending. Furthermore, several hardware segments are “teaming up”

Why Your Customers Care about Asset Recovery in IT Hardware

Reverse logistics come in handy in optimizing the supply chain efficiency and supporting asset recovery processes to assist organizations to meet sustainable goals. While the objective of conventional logistics is to streamline the flow of products from the producer to the consumer, reverse logistics handles the process of inverting that flow to enable the seamless

Cultivating Good IT Vendor Relationships

Ideally, every partnership made in the channel would be of the “strategic” vein. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. Every organization has a different level of dependency on vendors due to factors like size, and internal support. Starting out, a channel partner may test out a vendor to see how the relationship develops.

Mid-Year Evaluation of IT Spending in 2016

With computer and system resources constantly changing, spending on Information Technology, especially for profitable businesses, must keep up with the times. IT budgets should always reflect those changes, but many companies, are still showing fewer launches for new products.  Thus, small, medium and large sized businesses may want to give their IT budgets a checkup — right now

How Secondary-Market Resellers Shine in the Hardware Industry

A car isn’t the only major purchase that depreciates greatly in value directly after you purchase it. Hardware and electronics depreciate quickly after they are purchased new as well, and few products become outdated as fast as electronics can. That’s where the secondary-market resellers of hardware and other tech equipment come in. The technology aftermarket for resellers offers an opportunity to compound