Ensuring the Security of IT Recycling Programs

Every corporation has the responsibility to reduce its damaging effects on the environment. One of the biggest threats to the environment is electronic waste. Electronic waste, sometimes called e-waste, is waste that comes from all kinds of electronics, including computers, tablets and cell phones. The improper or incorrect disposal of e-waste poses a genuine threat to the

The Importance of Responsible IT Asset Disposal

Has your company had a recent IT upgrade? What did you do with the old equipment? Technology lifecycles of system manufacturers are shorter than ever. As new technology deployment is costly, your organization likely exhausted every effort to extend their current infrastructure as long as possible. We help countless organizations achieve longer lifecycles and greater

IT End-Of-Life Extension and Opportunity: Your Options

While your customers constantly evaluate their position within their hardware and software lifecycles, the bulk of their budgets will go toward extending their current technology investment while only a small portion will go toward purchasing new solutions. When they hit these pivotal moments, they turn to the channel–seeking the resources that will save them thousands

Consider Discontinued Servers When Replacing Aging Technology

Each piece of technology within your organization has a unique lifecycle. Determining the lifecycle of your equipment, such as servers, allows you to budget for technology costs, rather than being caught off guard by a dying server that quickly needs a replacement. In today’s ever-changing technological times, the innovative features of new equipment can be

IT Buyer’s Guide to Buying Recertified Computers

In an effort to constantly give employees the “latest and greatest” hardware, IT buyers risk blowing through their budgets without stepping back to put some thought into the types of computers the organization actually needs. In reality, you’ll find that making wise decisions for your business might mean choosing computers that will get the job done

E-waste management and the value of continued options

As we approach the New Year, many institutions have begun re-evaluating their environmental footprint. The desire for change and improvement is heightened during resolution season, and a recent look at the world’s waste of electronics paints a disturbing picture. The StEP Initiative recently released an interactive e-waste map that shows the amount of electronic waste