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Lenovo’s Initiatives with AI, the Channel, and Beyond

The last couple of years have been memorable for Lenovo and its Channel partners in North America. There have been several major accomplishments during this time. Lenovo rolled out the Data Center Group Partner Certification. Additionally, 10-year Lenovo veteran and former Vice President of the North American channel of Lenovo, Sammy Kinlaw, was named as

Product Spotlight: Lenovo X1 Carbon

In 2012, Lenovo released the original ThinkPad X1 Carbon. This new laptop replaced the ThinkPad X1. Some of the changes in the Carbon were that it has a solid-state drive rather than a hard drive like its predecessor, at least four gigabytes of memory, and a base-level 128 gigabyte SSD. The top model boasted a

Discount ThinkPads, Obsolete and Hard-to-Find Parts

The Hidden Cost of Cutting Edge Technology Choosing the right technology to suit the needs of your business or your clients is one of the most important and complicated decisions you’ll have to make. No matter how big or small your budget is, you’ll want to select the best possible equipment that you can afford.

Channel Focus: Lenovo Accelerate 2016

Staying ahead of the technological game is important, as all major industries know — Lenovo is in that mode.  During the recent Lenovo Accelerate 2016 conference held in Orlando, Florida, the company’s North American Channel announced major goals for the coming year; data center growth, premium PC opportunities, PC growth, and movement in markets and services.

How Lenovo Can Become the World’s Top Hardware Provider

  The goal is to become the number one technology provider for both businesses and consumers. Lenovo, currently the world’s largest PC company, is now aspiring to take the number one spot in every category it serves, particularly PC business, mobile, tablets and servers. The company has set its sights on all verticals from the public

A Look at Lenovo XClarity

Have you taken a look at Lenovo’s latest administration solution for System X – XClarity? If you ask the customers who have given it a spin thus far, you’ll find they are both impressed and excited about how this allows site administrators to manage their infrastructure. XClarity features a dashboard-driven graphical user interface (GUI) allowing

Considerations for Purchasing Lenovo Docking Stations

Laptop computers are incredibly convenient when it comes to how portable they are, but there are times when having access to a large monitor and/or other peripherals can certainly come in handy. Lenovo docking stations give you the convenience of a laptop with all the functionality of a desktop, and they help ensure that you