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The Best Business PCs of 2017

This year, we’ve seen several model refreshes from the PC industry’s top players: Lenovo, Dell and HP.  Business favorites like the X1 Carbon in notebooks, and the latest Dell Precision desktop have come on to the market more powerful, and more impressive than ever. As the year comes to a close, we take a look

Will the iPad Pro Make Your PC Obsolete?

When the iPad Pro was released in November of 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed it “the tablet that will replace the personal computer.” While the Pro is a step up from past Apple tablets and has features that will rival some desktop computing functions, not everyone is convinced it is the next coming of the personal computer. New Features The iPad Pro

HP: Bringing Back the Workstation

The workstation is making a comeback as the need for PCs has decreased significantly. There is very little gap between the price of a high-end desktop and a comparable work station, and this is making workstations the way to go for companies needing computer set ups for their employees. Traditional Desktops vs. Complete Workstations Complete