Why Buying Refurbished Server Hardware is Smart

Succeeding in today’s ever-changing and climbing business world requires a solid and dedicated commitment to Information Technology.  With IT managers that are always looking for the best bang for their buck, considering the purchases of refurbished server hardware is a good place to start. Why Buy Certified Refurbished? The obvious answer to that question is

Buying Refurbished ThinkPads? Look for These 3 Things.

Whether you’re making a bulk purchase, or only looking to replace one or two machines, you can’t ignore the savings that come from buying refurbished. It may be for your company, or you may be reselling the machines—the trick to finding success in the secondary market is knowing your product and building solid relationships with

Why Buy Refurbished ThinkPads?

You are in charge of purchasing new laptop computers for your business, and you’re interested in purchasing ThinkPads. One thing you might consider is not buying ThinkPad computers that are “new”, but instead purchasing computers that are “new to you”.  For many people and businesses, purchasing refurbished laptops is the way to go, as they

Why Buy Refurbished Storage Solutions?

When it comes to storage solutions, consumers often shy away from purchasing refurbished technology. Many feel as though they may be buying potentially faulty equipment, or simply someone else’s leftovers. While many tech mavens like having the newest and the best, from flash storage to cloud storage, some consumers simply don’t have the resources to

Your Guide to Buying Refurbished Computer Hardware

Stepping into the realm of buying refurbished computer hardware can be a daunting undertaking. You have conflicting anecdotal evidence: a friend of yours bought a refurbished desktop computer and it stopped working about a week later (and there was no warranty), while your aunt purchased a refurbished laptop and it’s been steadily trucking along for