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How to Improve Your Sales Prospecting Game

Consistent prospecting is essential for more than growth. You need it just to stay afloat! New businesses enter the marketplace every day. Even if they are not worthy competition, they create more noise to divert attention away from your company. If you’re looking for ways to improve your sales prospecting game, consider these tips: Schedule

How to Build a Successful Channel Sales Team

For many large businesses, using a channel sales system is more beneficial than relying solely on their own team of salespeople to sell products and services directly. With channel sales, companies allow retailers and distributors to benefit from their margins instead. The retailers and distributors then earn a margin themselves. As with all types of

Top Sales Rejections and How to Respond

Rejection is part of the territory for those who have a career in sales. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn to anticipate common reasons that prospects say no and learn to work around them. While some customers will remain adamant they don’t want or can’t afford the product or service, many just need

B2B Sales in the Age of Technology

Once upon a time, a salesman would call on a business with a display case full of samples for making a pitch on whatever the product was. Perhaps he – or she – had a portfolio with documents to show a decision-maker why this service was above all else. “Traditional” sales tactics have changed over

Unusual Sales Tactics to Help You Close

Did you know that 90 percent of decision makers never answer a cold call? And the average cold email response is less than 1 percent. That’s because they don’t want someone wasting their time. Too many have experienced irrelevant, less-than-captivating sales pitches in the past and don’t need to hear another one. So how do

Attention Sales: IT Hardware Is Slated for a Comeback

For the last three years, the exponential growth in cloud computing has hit the IT hardware companies hard. Since 2009, cloud computing investment has been growing 4.5 times the rate of IT spending, according to Forbes. Further, Forbes predicts that from 2015 through 2020, it’ll continue to grow at six times the rate of IT spending.

Server Sales Strong in Q4 2017

After experiencing declining sales year over year, the beleaguered server executives at Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing and Morrisville had some good news to savor, according to an industry researcher, IDC’s new report. The report indicated that IBM had even better news with high-end server revenues surging up over 50 percent. The statistics, strategically, quash a

5 Sales Soft Skills Tips

Unfortunately, many businesses have their sales pitch revolving around them and not their clients. Customer experience, honesty, and genuine concern for your customers are the foundations upon which to succeed in your sales efforts. The following are 5 sales soft skills tips that will boost your sales, retain customers and generate more revenue.  1. Put