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IT Resellers: Six Tips for Closing a Sale

Successful hardware and software resellers have certain things that they need to do if they are going to be successful, whether it be on the road, online, or in the office. Know who you are talking to, know what you’re selling, and help your customer see that they can’t live without what you have. Remember

AI and Prescriptive Analytics in B2B Sales Strategy

Artificial intelligence now has the ability to shore up inefficiencies in call scripts, applying NLP to a machine transcription that is used on customer acquisition calls. Gong, the brand that is applying this new technology, is building on the market that was created by Apple’s Siri and Amazon Echo with a level of intimacy and

What are the Most Important Sales Performance Metrics?

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to be fully focused on providing value for customers. Consumers have more options than ever before when buying refurbished electronics. Savvy sellers need to be on top of their needs and prepared to meet them. Managers who want to determine which of their staffers are doing

Tips to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Sales drive everything else about your company. If your sales are low, no other “upgrade” makes sense. Here are a few successful tips from Fortune 500 companies that will help you keep the revenue flow that creates the freedom to expand your business and try new ideas. Connect Your Sales Team With Your Marketing Campaigns.

Six Ways to Boost Sales Productivity

When sales productivity is low, one might think the immediate solution is to push salespeople to work harder. While this seems like a viable answer, consider that your team doesn’t necessarily need to work harder as much as they need to work smarter. By optimizing productivity with time management tools, automated software, and a decent dose