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Top Performers in the Enterprise Hardware Market

The top performers in the enterprise hardware market are Dell, HP, and Cisco. This despite a strong push from both Apple and Microsoft. For the uninitiated, the enterprise hardware market is primarily for storage products, and unlike general consumer storage, enterprise market storage has higher scalability, greater capacity, and far greater reliability.  It is designed to be

CES 2016 in Review: Futuristic Trends on the Horizon

The tech industry’s biggest North American trade show highlighted some exciting business tech trends, both current and emerging. Everything old is new again, and there was a big retro presence at the show. Turntables and cameras in particular showed up with new takes on old favorites. Sony’s PS-HX500 is a high-res turntable that plays records

What HP’s Split Means for Consumers

These past few months HP has been negotiating a very tricky feat: Splitting the company completely in two – and explaining it to the press and shareholders in a way that makes sense.  Of course, major company shifts are not uncommon: Spinoffs, mergers, and buyouts are all practical solutions when a company wants to renew

The Current State of IT: Survey

Information Technology (IT) professionals serve as the support backbone for workers in countless industries, ensuring desktop computers, printers, laptops, and other devices and technology products continue to function as intended. Employees rely on the IT worker to fix issues effectively with timely resolution so they can be productive in their daily work environment. The current

We Have Dual-Core Processors, Quad-Core, Octa-Core….18-Core?

Intel’s Innovative Processor Intel recently released a processor featuring an impressive 18 cores – the Xeon E7 v3. This large of a processor is ideal only for enterprise workstation and server environments, offering impressive real-time analytics, which allows businesses to assess and respond to various types of data effectively and efficiently. The Xeon E7 v3

Visit IT Xchange at Lenovo Accelerate 2015!

IT Xchange is headed to Las Vegas for the 2015 Lenovo Accelerate show! We will be on site from April 27 – 29 to talk product offerings, services, and programs like our Lenovo Options Continuation Program (OCP). Spend a few minutes with our team to learn about how IT Xchange can help to reduce your