A Closer Look at Lenovo-Powered SuperComputer: Niagara

SciNet in collaboration with the University of Toronto has unveiled the most powerful supercomputer and christened it Niagara. Niagara comes to replace SciNet’s Tightly Coupled Cluster (TCS) and the aging General Purpose Cluster (GPC) which have been in use since 2009. Dr. Daniel Gruner, the tech chief at SciNet, said, “We run conventional data processing,

The Coolest Ways Companies are Using IBM Watson

Although Artificial Intelligence remains a relatively new idea, it is becoming famous in different parts of the world. For experts, the mention of artificial intelligence is synonymous to IBM Watson. The cognitive computing system developed by IBM is the most prevalent example of artificial intelligence in the modern world. The platform makes use of machine

Groundbreaking Computers throughout History

Personal computers have revolutionized the way we do research, work, communicate, entertain ourselves, and even the way we think. There is a computer in nearly every home, office, and university – and many more in many other places. They have truly become something we can’t live without. But computers weren’t always the powerhouses they are

Uncovering the Truth About Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is the latest tech trend in the data center world, and as with every new trend, the market is flush with unverified or false information. As conventional infrastructures change, those whose business is tied to those traditional operations will have knee-jerk reactions either strongly for or against the newest trends, depending on how it

Data Center Tech to See Continued Market Growth

A new study by Research and Markets shows continued growth is to be expected in virtualized and nonvirtualized physical servers through 2021. According to the report, “Global Virtualized and Nonvirtualized Physical Servers Market 2017-2021,” this growth is slated to be at a CAGR of 5.26 percent over the next four years. Researchers gathered data for

New Focus for Lenovo North American Channel – High-End PCs & Data Centers

Lenovo has recently ramped up focus on two areas for its North American channel – whom is largely responsible for the company’s prevalence in the enterprise market. With 90 percent of company revenue driven by partners, its channel strategy is critical to performance. Sammy Kinlaw, Lenovo’s channel chief in North America, said the new focus

2016’s Most Notable Moments in Server Technology

2016 was a huge step forward for server technology. There were also some huge events that showcased some of the weaknesses that the tech community must address in its server infrastructure. Here are some of the year’s most notable moments. The Yahoo Server Breach Although Yahoo reports that the actual hack may have originally occurred