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IT Xchange Apple Products and Software

The Apple Mac and iPad are built for the way modern business works. They’re secure, easy to deploy, compatible with business systems and apps and easy to support. All of Apple’s products provide a seamless experience across all Apple devices and services that include the App Store®, Apple Music®, Apple Pay® and iCloud®.

The beauty of Apple products is that they’re compatible with the applications you already use, such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office. This means your employees can seamlessly transition and continue to work with what they’re used to.

A Cost-effective Investment

Mac and iPad are built to last and, by and large, have the highest residual value of similar electronics on the market. This makes them a cost-effective solution for your business.

The Most Apps of Any Mobile Platform

Apple can serve all of your business needs, as it has the most apps of any mobile platform. The App Store® has everything you could ever want in business apps, including:

  • Productivity
  • Business intelligence
  • Invoicing and expenses
  • Content creation and collaboration

You can modify existing apps to suit your needs or build custom-made apps unique to your business and integrate them using back-end systems.

Software from IT Xchange

At IT Xchange, we can also offer you software programs in mobile device management and software management.

JAMF Casper Suite – Mobile Device Management

The Casper Suite provides a comprehensive platform to inventory, provision, update and maintain Mac OS X machines to increase the efficiency of your IT team. This will reduce the cost of ownership and minimizes liability by allowing your organization to build and maintain a stable, cost-effective and highly-accessible computing environment for users.

JAMF Software – Software Management

JAMF Software simplifies the life of system administrators by providing a broad platform to inventory, provision, update and maintain your Mac OS X machines.

Business-Grade Security

You can feel confident making Apple products part of your business. They’re designed to be secure right out of the box. Apple products have advanced features that protect the entire system, from device and app security to data protection.

Some of the security features they have include:

  • Industry-standard networking protocols
  • Frequent software updates
  • Remote device management

Easy to Implement, Support and Manage

The Apple Business Manager Program makes Apple products easy to implement and manage, with zero-touch deployment and mobile device management integration. As well, Apple experts are always available to your IT staff to offer ongoing support.

When your employees are working with products like iPad and Mac, that feel familiar and operate intuitively, they can get things done faster and more easily, which allows them to do their best work.

Learn how IT Xchange and Apple can change the way your business operates.