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Choose from a Variety of Laptops at IT Xchange

If you’re an on-the-go business professional, a laptop that will fit in your briefcase or backpack is the ideal solution. It should be lightweight, relatively compact and tough enough to cope with the occasional bump. And, of course, you need to be able to get the work done without running out of battery life.

IT Xchange has a growing inventory of laptops that are excellent for training, field sales, on-site survey audits, or wherever your business may take you. We carry the top names in electronics, including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

Choose from all the major operating systems, Windows, IOS or Android, to simplify the distribution of your hardware solution and get the applications you need to work efficiently.

Get the Right Laptop for your Business

Here are a few tips that will help you find the best business laptops for your employees.

Consider Your Budget

Not every business or organization needs top-of-the line machines, but you don’t want cheap ones that may hinder your employees from being productive, either.

If you’re unsure of how to strike a balance between cost and quality, the experts at IT Xchange will be glad to help you decide on the best laptop for your needs.

Choose an Operating System

The operating system you choose is primarily up to personal preference and how much you’re comfortable spending. However, if your business happens to use a software product that will only run on a Mac, you probably shouldn’t buy a laptop that runs on Apple OS. Before buying new laptops, ask us about possible operating system/software compatibility issues.

The three main operating systems are:

  • Apple OS X offers high screen quality, function keys and the ability to run programs like Avid, Maya and Dreamweaver, favoured by creative professionals
  • Windows OS is considered the standard for work laptop operating systems and gives you more laptops to choose from than other operating systems
  • Chrome OS is a great choice if you’re comfortable living in the cloud, as you can’t download programs on a Chromebook. It’s also a good choice if you don’t want to worry about updates. Chromebooks are built to automatically download and deploy updates for you.

Choose a Design

Choosing the right laptop design means considering how you and your employees work. Some things to think about:

  • Hybrid or traditional – Hybrid, or convertible laptops are laptops that double as stand-alone tablets. Some feature screens that completely detach from the keyboard, others have hinges with a 180-degree range of motion. A Hybrid laptop may be a good fit for employees who switch back and forth between laptops and tablets regularly
  • Keyboard comfort – Smaller laptops have smaller keyboards and typing on a small keyboard can become tiring after a time. Take note of the size of the keyboard on any laptop you consider
  • Touch screens – This is a nice feature to have, if you use it a lot, but laptops with touch screens and/or stylus support are usually more expensive than laptops without touch screens and they use a lot more battery power
  • CPU – The central processing unit or processor, has a huge impact on a laptop’s usability. Having a high-end processor won’t improve your laptop experience unless you’re doing video editing or 3D modeling. Our experts can help you decide how much power you need

Memory and Storage

A laptop has two basic types of memory and storage. They are random access memory (RAM) and hard disk drive (HDD). Aim for laptops that have 4GB or 8GB of RAM.

Most businesses are fine with a storage capacity of around 256GB on the HDD, unless you’re planning on doing a lot of video editing and storing a lot of footage on your laptop.

Battery Life

It’s a good idea to check on the battery life of any laptop you’re buying, remembering that laptop manufacturers use different metrics to measure battery life. If you opt for an add-on battery, which can greatly improve the battery life of a laptop, be sure to consider the added weight it will add.