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Choose Between Notebooks and Tablets at IT Xchange

Whether you’re updating all the notebooks in your organization or customizing mobile workstations for user groups, IT Xchange can help. We offer an excellent selection of devices in an assortment of styles and sizes with features to fit any budget and performance expectations.

Do You Need Tablets or Notebooks?

Equipping your employees with the latest notebooks or tablets will allow them to work from anywhere. But you may be wondering which option would be best for your particular needs.


A notebook is a personal computer that’s a little smaller than a regular laptop. Like a laptop, it has an attached keyboard and is usually smaller than a briefcase. It typically weighs in at 6 pounds or less, making it easily transported and easily used wherever you are.

A notebook has more powerful processing hardware than a tablet, allowing for a wider range of uses and faster operation. Notebooks have the benefit of a keyboard and mouse built-in, which is a must if you’re always adding long blocks of text.

Also, notebooks come equipped with USB ports, HDMI outputs and other features that will work with other devices, such as mice and storage devices.

Notebooks rate high on performance, allowing users to work on graphic design, video and photo editing, etc. They also excel at multi-tasking. If your staff needs powerful processing or multitasking capabilities, or need compatibility with certain accessories or storage devices, equipping them with notebooks is the way to go.


In contrast, the highly portable tablet combines the best aspects of smartphones and laptop PCs. It has a touch screen interface, rather than a keyboard, although some come equipped with attachable or attached keyboards.

The main advantage of tablets is their flexibility. While a notebook needs to be placed on a stable surface for it to be used comfortably, a tablet can be held in one hand and operated with the other hand. They’re perfect for notetaking on the go, such as at a conference or trade show.

The design of a touch screen tablet is highly intuitive and very easy to use. Gestures, such as swiping from one screen to the next, are far easier to understand than tapping keys or navigating files.

Many tablets support some level of multi-tasking, which allows you to run one or more apps in the background while working in another. However, the full-screen focus of most tablets is also seen as a distraction-free alternative to Windows multi-tasking.

IT Xchange is here to Help

When it comes to equipping your employees with either notebooks or tablets, let the experts at IT Xchange guide you to the best solution for your company’s technology needs.

Choose from top names in the industry, including Apple, Acer and Lenova.