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Servers from IT Xchange

Deploying the right server solution  s crucial to connecting mobile employees, centralizing big data files, moving applications to the cloud or just running mail and messaging.

IT Xchange can provide you with rack, tower and blade server solutions to boost application operation and provide control, versatility and efficiency.

Blade Servers

Blade servers are sometimes referred to as high-density servers. They’re typically used in a group of servers dedicated to a single job, such as:

  • File sharing
  • Web page serving and caching
  • SSL encrypting of web communication
  • Transcoding (adapting) web page content for smaller displays
  • Streaming audio/video content

A server chassis houses multiple thin, modular electronic circuit boards, called server blades. Blades are literally servers on a card, containing processors, memory, integrated network controllers, an optional Fiber Channel host bus adaptor and other input/output ports. Often devoted to a single use, each blade is a server in its own right and typically comes with one or two local ATA or SCSI drives

Blade servers allow for more processing power in less space by simplifying cabling and reducing power consumption.

Rack Mount Servers

Rack servers, also known as rack-mounted servers, are computers made to be used as servers. They are designed to be installed in a framework called a rack that contains several mounting slots called bays. Each bay is designed to hold a server unit secured in place with screws.

Rack servers have low-profile enclosures. One rack can contain many servers stacked one above the other, combining network resources and minimizing the floor space needed.

In addition, the rack server structure also simplifies cabling among network components.

Tower Servers

Tower servers are computers meant for use as servers and built into an upright cabinet that stands alone. The cabinet is called a tower. Tower servers are easy to cool, because the overall component density is fairly low and scalable, because an unlimited number of servers can be added to an existing network.

However, a set of tower servers is heavier and bulkier than the equivalent blade server or set of rack servers and cabling can be complicated.

Server Accessories

Server rack accessories can enhance the performance of rack servers. Different manufacturers have a variety of products. These include:

  • Server rack rackmount shelves in a variety of configurations and features
  • Mounting hardware is essential to the overall functioning of a server
  • Cable management accessories such as D-Rings, finger ducts and lacer bars
  • Rackmount power strips add to the overall functionality of the racks and provide the benefit of outlet-level management

The right accessories will help you to get the maximum benefit from your server rack. IT Xchange has a good selection of rackmount accessories to help you get the most from your servers.