Need to Buy Options no longer marketed by IBM?

Protect your investment and get the continued support you need. 
The IBM Options Continuation Program (OCP), supported by IT Xchange is part of the IBM Lifecycle Care family of asset management and investment protection offerings. OCP extends the availability of selected options by making them available to customers, and Business Partners through IT Xchange

Now public sector, large enterprise and small/medium size business customers can experience greater flexibility in planning and managing standards transitions or the redeployment of legacy systems into new roles. There is even an opportunity to expand your present system install base, using existing hardware standards – without the worry of additional investment in software or systems certification

The Program

Since the introduction of the PC into the business world, common problems have plagued those trying to manage their IT infrastructure

A typical scenario would see a company go through months of testing to decide on a platform that would meet their business requirements, only to find out their new standard had been withdrawn to make way for a new model.

IT departments trying to manage their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by extending the lifecycle of a system find it equally frustrating when key Options, Upgrades and Accessories are not available when they needed them.

In November 1999 this issue was addressed head-on and the Options Continuation Program (OCP) was launched.

IT Xchange has been the Global Partner for IBM since the inception of the program and now proudly supports IBM through our large inventory, dedicated sales team and 24/7 eCommerce capability. The program is available to Business Partners and End-Users.(**)

Brands Supported

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As an IBM OCP Provider, IT Xchange provides: 

The product you need and the quality you expect at a fair price. 
Our partnership with IBM as their Global OCP Provider, means IT Xchange provides you access to the broadest inventory of discontinued IBM Options in the world. Our inventory of discontinued options covers the last 1-5 years of IBM’s technology offerings. We distribute these options globally from a number of domestic and international distribution centers. Our inventory consists of new and recertified IBM options, all backed by a minimum 90-day warranty from IT Xchange. All pricing is market-based, and quantity discounts may be available

What upgrades are available for your system?

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