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Square and Eventbrite Rentals CALL: 1.800.347.7333

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IT Xchange Rentals: Your Source for Short-Term Hardware Rentals

Partner with IT Xchange for Rental Options on the Latest Servers, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and more!

IT Xchange, part of the Xchange Technology Group of companies, partners with Vernon Computer Source to provide worldwide computer, audio visual, and server rentals. Whether you need technology for one day or a few months, for benchmarking and testing or field sales, we offer flexible hardware solutions that work for you. We provide products for all short term corporate needs, including experimental marketing companies, banks and financial services, consulting firms, event technology, and more.


Contract hiring is an effective and economical way to tackle heavy short term projects, or cover seasonal rushes. But owning hardware to cover all permanent and temporary employees can be an expensive and difficult undertaking. IT Xchange’s rental division gives businesses access to technology for temporary workforces when they need it. By renting hardware for contract staffing needs, businesses can drastically cut back on the amount of money and space wasted on these unused machines.

Need bulk quantities of laptops, tablets or desktops for large-scale staffing requirements? Ask your rental expert about our ability to deploy high volumes of identical-spec units from Tier 1 manufacturers, custom-imaged and ready to use.


Keeping your workforce mobile has never been easier. IT Xchange’s growing inventory of tablets and laptops is excellent for training, field sales, on-site survey audits, and even mobile Point of Sale systems. Your business can rent fleets of tablets from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft. Choose from all major operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android) to simplify the deployment of your hardware solution, while getting the applications you need .


Renting technology gives businesses access to the most current products on the market, without the long term commitment of purchasing the equipment. With new products being released every month, it can be impossible to narrow down the best choice for your company before a new version is released. Technology’s lifecycle is short, and equipment reaches the end of its life within a year or less. Rentals allow your business to experience the latest and greatest hardware, the freedom to try new equipment as it is released, and eliminates the headache of costly long-term capital investments.


MePOS Mobile Point of Sale System

The MePOS can be used in five different ways to suit just about any sales situation. Hook it up in three ways for cashier operation, set it up as a self-service kiosk, or use it as a mobile point-of-sale system (card reader + tablet). Incredibly versatile, you can choose the operation mode that best suits the style of your store, event, or sales team! Possibly most impressive is the MePOS’s “brain”, which does all the diagnostic work. If there is a problem with any of the MePOS devices, the brain signals you, making it quick and easy to request maintenance.

MePOS Mobile Point of Sale System


  • A cohesive printer for your receipts
  • A self-diagnostic monitoring system
  • Flexible operating system for Windows, Android and iOS
  • Detachable components that can be rented separately
  • Single power output for all connected devices
  • Small size – takes up very little space on any surface
  • Its removable panels are ideal for branding, promotion and advertising needs
  • Advanced card acceptance devices for NFC, Mag-stripe, EVM Chip and signature and EVM Chip and Pin

Rent the MePOS for your business at IT Xchange!