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Square and Eventbrite Rentals CALL: 1.800.347.7333

Partner Programs

With IT Xchange you can achieve better returns on the technology or inventory you manage.

The IT Xchange Partner Program

When you partner with IT Xchange, your organization can achieve its technology lifecycle or inventory objectives and realize market value for surplus or obsolete assets. At IT Xchange we offer innovative asset management and returns management programs that leverage our core competencies of technical capability and broad, multi-national resale channels.

These innovative programs are open to:

  • Manufacturers 
  • Leasing or Finance Companies 
  • Computer Distributors and System Integrators 
  • Large Corporations 
  • Public Sector Institutions 

Every organization that deploys, distributes or manufactures personal computer technology is faced with the challenge of managing the Lifecycle of these assets. The Disposition of these assets can be particularly challenging. With IT Xchange you gain access to mature resale channels for yesterday’s technology.

Leverage our entrenched market position and diverse resale channels in a partnership or outsourcing arrangement. We quickly and efficiently take your products to market and capture returns well above distress or liquidation levels. Or, if your priority as a manufacturer is providing product availability, in cases where your customers require ongoing supply and support through an extended lifecycle, we can help.

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We have programs in place for products that originate from a variety of sources, including:

  • Surplus, Discontinued or Obsolete Assets 
  • Off-Lease Assets 
  • Overstock or Aged Inventory 
  • Customer Returns 

At IT Xchange we market these products through our experienced, international sales force and a variety of vendor-sponsored programs including IBM OCPLenovo OCP and equipment rental  Ask how our revenue-sharing or profit-sharing programs can help your organization maximize its net recoveries or convert unproductive assets into cash.